Why not to treat any person (younger, older, ill, not ill, mean, bigger, smaller, happy, sad, etc.) like they are fragile, you nit wit!

Hello there world!

Now, as a good academic in training, I need to state first off, I don’t 100% know what I’m talking about. I’m just creating a hypothesis based on  my experience as a white, curly-haired, short, jewish, humanist, “culturally-christian,” middle class 25 year old, american immigrant living long-term in both the US and UK (current), surviving the marathon that is my doctorate degree, and battling a long-term illness (depression) since I was 22. I’m 25 now. ALSO, I LOVE musical theatre and singing it! ALSO, I’m currently developing a secure attachment with the best person ever (he knows who he is).


What’s my evidence? EVERY time (i mean…it’s probably most times…but EVERY sounds more self-assured!!) I’ve been treated like I’m fragile or treated someone else like they are fragile OR witnessed someone else treat someone else as fragile, it hasn’t gone well. Molly, what’s “fragile” in this context?! I’m happy you asked. To treat someone like they’re fragile (according to DBT – Dialectical Behavioral Therapy) is to avoid telling them something or to tread lightly in order to protect the person from something or because you don’t respect them enough to tell them (in my opinion). But Molly! Children are delicate little creatures that need to be coddled. Hmmm…nah. Children don’t need to be exposed to rape, murder, where babies REALLY come from before they’re 5, BUT we all have the ability to modulate how we say something without treating the person (younger/older) like they’re fragile…A secure attachment does not a relationship make WITHOUT tough, uncomfortable, weird, cuddly, unconditional love. No one knows what the fuck they’re talking about but we are all doing the best we can. We don’t need to hide how we truly feel from people, especially if we care about them (unless that person is a stranger…don’t go admitting you love someone if you don’t KNOW them…in every sense of the word).

Ok. Well, that’s my first blog post! I did it! YAY!

Warm wishes,





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