So many thoughts! Now let’s see if they cohere…

Alright folks,

Disclaimer: my thoughts move fast, which is AWESOME and HORRIBLE (dialectical, bitchez).

Why is that awesome, Molly? Well, it means that if I’m in a goodish mood, I can think stuff out quickly and clearly.

But then, how can it ALSO be HORRIBLE, how does THAT work?! Well…let’s say my mood drops (reasons? time-of-day, stress, a bad email, a bad smoothie, i stubbed my toe etc. and so forth), my thoughts can spiral even faster than you can say “Molly, don’t be silly! You have no REASON to be sad/depressed, you have SO MUCH to be thankful for.” Aw, thanks for saying that, Molly! Now, shut up.

Ok, back to the topic at hand: I was re-watching season 2 of Kimmy Schmidt in the tub this morning. And like the great Alex Hare told me when we were young scrawny tweens watching 30 Rock (also Tina Fey), you NEED to rewatch episodes to catch ALL the hilarity. So I did (for Kimmy, at least). I relate to her quite a bit because I’m stuck in the 90s, love colorful colors, have a therapist AND can be as angry as I am cutesy (I also make up weird songs when I’m by myself)….Why the fuck did you bring this all up, Molly? Well, from watching Season 2 of Kimmy and chatting with my friends Robyn and Jo, I’ve begun accepting the magical, beautiful fact that I, nor ANYONE ELSE deSERVE ANYTHING! But…that sounds kind of shitty, Molly…I disagree! If you start accepting you don’t deserve anything, you won’t expect anything good or bad to come to you and then you can just live in the moment! BOOM! You’re welcome, world. I’m also starting to think that a lot of society’s problems derive from this notion of inflated/deflated expectations of what an individual or group deserves (notice that I didn’t say “the world’s”…because daisies and adorable dogs and kitties don’t believe they deSERVE anything! It’s a human problem0, I think…I don’t for sure know what daisies are thinking)…I know this is controversial but the best example I can think of is Israel…I don’t feel like expanding on this idea right now…

Righty-ho! That’s it for now.

You’re all awesome.

All my love,






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