What even IS “artistic genius”?

Hello there folks!

I’m frustrated. Partially because I have a bad head cold and partially because I listen to Marc Maron’s podcast, WTF waaaaay too much…

Don’t get me wrong, I think he’s a fantastic interviewer BUT that doesn’t mean his podcast is without its flaws. Why don’t I HEAR about these flaws on the regular? First off, I don’t actively search for them and secondly, in my opinion, people are so impressed by his contribution to the podcast-world they choose to ignore/don’t want to investigate the glaring underbelly of his discourse.

One example: in his interview with Joanna Newsom, Marc Maron starts his pre-interview rant by explaining how magical and “other-worldly” he thinks her music/she is. Then, we listen to  them chat and all I hear is a down-to-earth modest singer/songwriter/woman trying to express how much she’s genuinely just like everyone else. Don’t get me wrong, I think her music is sensational, inspiring and deserving of ALL the praise she receives, but that doesn’t mean she, Joanna Newsom is some creative deity…I highly doubt she or her husband would want to think of themselves as such.

Then, ever-so-ironically, I think back to a previous episode where Marc Maron gets cheesed off by some fan who personally goes up to his door and slips a letter through his mailbox. I’m not saying this isn’t creepy, but MARC! if you’re going to describe famous people, which includes YOU, as fucking deities, don’t get surprised when YOUR fans want to worship you like a deity…common sense, sir, common sense.

When I was 5-18 year olds, ALL I wanted was to be a famous actress on Broadway. Why? I wanted to be special and I wanted my friends and family to worship ME (my big sis can contest that I was/am (?) quite the brat), possibly because I felt so incredibly insecure in my own skin. I feel for you, little Molly, I really do.

Well, now, I’m a bit older and a smudge wiser and I’ve realized, all I want from life is to connect with my small circle of friends, my amazing boyfriend and my family. Yes, I still daydream about being on stage but it doesn’t have to be a Broadway stage (I wouldn’t complain if it was though…you can take the girl out of NY, but…).

Anyway, I’m going to leave you with a song.

I love you all :0)






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