Opposites attract: Hamilton IS Legally Blonde

Hi everyone!

So, this week I’ve decided to do something a bit more creative and cooky because I have a lot of stressful stuff going on in my life right now and it’s too delicate to process at present.

The good news is, my obsession with musical theatre has led me to make a nifty realization: Legally Blonde (the musical) IS a dense version of HAMILTON! Yes, I said it.

Now, breath.

No world, I haven’t lost my mind. But how did I even come to this realization, you ask?! Well, recently, I’ve been listening to Hamilton a lot  because (1) I’m going to be the first female Hamilton one day so I gotsto prepare and (2) it genuinely helped me climb out of my most recent depressive episode. Then last week, things got especially stressful and I started listening to Hamilton AND Legally Blonde a lot. Then, suddenly, it hit me like a musical-theatre infused ton of bricks: Elle Woods IS Alexander Hamilton AND sort of also Angelica Schuyler (and I want to play all three characters…just sayin’). Whaaaat?! I hear you bellow. Stay with me.

Elle Woods is a fucking awesome character. She clung to her identity as a stylish, personable woman (Angelica) AND developed a sense of independence (like Angelica strived to do) AND realized the strength of her intelligence (Hamilton), all with the help of Emmett Forrest (Eliza Schuyler AND George Washington), Paulette Bonafonté (Philip Hamilton AND Hercules Mulligan) and Vivian Kensington (Aaron Burr, James Reynolds (because Warner Huntington III is sort of like Maria Reynolds) and by the end, Marquis de Lafayette, Hamilton’s bff!!!).

In addition, Elle also flawlessly stood up to two absolute dick-wads, Prof. Callahan (a shittier version of Thomas Jefferson AND Charles Lee during Brooke’s trial) and Warner (King George, Maria Reynolds, the temptress, and Samuel Seabury, the mama’s boy). So there. I explained myself.

Here is my genius comparison written out for all to admire:

hamilton legally blonde

Anyway, that’s what I’ve been up to aside from writing my doctoral thesis and re-watching Kimmy Schmidt.

Love you all,



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