S.T.O.P! and smell the roses :0)

Hello everyone,

What a crazy last few days. I had my own shit going on and then Friday morning, June 24th came and my microcosm broke wide open. Since then, I’ve only been listening to fast-paced podcasts, rap and musicals because nothing slower resonates with my brain.

I thought I’d share what I’ve been doing and listening to to get through this pile of shit.

Quick caveat: the worst part of this mess is that people around me, aren’t taking the time to STOP! (a la DBT therapy),”Take a step back,” “Observe the situation” and “Precede mindfully.” I’ve been trying to follow this advice before sending every tweet, writing every facebook post etc, saying every word to my eurosceptic friends that I’m confused about but to be honest, i’m an attention-seeking, privileged extrovert and sometimes it’s just too tough to follow my own advice.

Ok, I’m back to the topic at hand. 

  1. First, I’d like to recommend the “Around the Table” podcast.  Jacey and Maggie are genuinely gracious, modest, adorable and super enjoyable to listen to! Also, they’re a small, homegrown podcast. That’s probably what I love about them the most. I’m trying to get more into simple living and they’re helping me accomplish this dream while still promoting their listeners to make room for the occasional (or frequent…) indulgence.
  2. MBMBAM – alrighty, I know I’m late to this podcast-bandwagon but I started listening to these fellas two weeks ago and I cannot get enough of their slightly post-modern, mostly just hilarious improv comedy. Their most recent episode (#308) really brought home why I love them. They never mentioned Brexit out loud! They didn’t ignore it (they were audibly upset about everything) BUT they managed to divert our attention to the only happy news that came out on Friday, Ray Donovan is coming back for season 4. Ironically, I’ve never watched Ray Donovan and I thought for a second that the protagonist was that adorable jewish kid from Freaks & Geeks. It was actually the hot jewish dude from Spotlight (you all enjoying my passover afikomens? the jewish equivalent to easter eggs…).
  3. PIXAR! Specifically, Inside Out. I just think it applies to this situation a bit too well. We are all still children that are perfectly capable of letting our emotions (fear, anger, disgust) ignore those rational thoughts percolating in that frontal cortex of ours. Let’s let sadness and gladness come back! It’s okay to feel awkward and bittersweet. It’s ok to make mistakes. It’s even more okay to admit you’ve made mistakes and apologize to people you think may need an apology. Or just give your friend a hug…whatevs.

Ok, I’m tired. And it’s not even midday over here in England! I’ll leave you with this little video I put online to remind myself I’m awesome (even though I couldn’t vote on Friday).

Speak soon,




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