The Power of Stigma: My experience watching Crazy Ex-Girlfriend

Hello world!

I have a shit ton of shit stuff going on in my life right now so I’ve decided to focus on the outside world (i.e. pop culture, theories, lalalala). First off, I just want to say thank WHOTHEFUCKEVER for family members who understand ME, loved ones and close friends. Am I right or am I crazy? OR BOTH? Who the fuck cares.

Ok, Crazy Ex-Girlfriend. It’s amazing (yes, molly, yes we all know this). Well, before I had the opportunity to check it out, I listened to an episode of Slate’s pretentious,liberal-elitist Double-X Gabfest where they described Rebecca Bunch as “bipolar.” Fake-Dr. Hanna Rosin went onto dryly and clinically describe Rebecca’s mood-swings and delusions. From that point on, I was like, “oh, ok, this will be a show about a woman with some old-school version of manic-depression (the politically INCORRECT way of describing Type-1 Bipolar Disorder). Although, that certainly CAN be a really boring way of interpreting this show, why the fuck are reporters acting like clinical experts? Even if they spoke to every single man, woman and child (etc.) with Type-1 Bipolar Disorder, unless a reporter moonlights as a trained psychiatrist/clinical psychologist (or visa-versa), I don’t want to hear their house-of-cards, botched diagnoses! Come, ON!

Ok, breath Molly breath. Why are you getting so angry about this, anyway?

WELL, thank you for asking! In my opinion, giving Rebecca (or any fictional/non-fictional person) a diagnosis unconsciously led me to put her in a mental box that was difficult to remove her (or anyone) from. The same thing happened to me when I listened to Double-X Gabfest’s episode on Fun Home. They said the dad was bipolar…HE’S NOT! And if he is, its not our business. If e’s anything (and I am definitely not a psychiatrist so don’t trust me), he may have some form of Narcissistic Personality Disorder, like our president elect (loooooooooooool but it’s true).

Crazy Ex-Girlfriend is fucking brilliant and you wanna know why I think that? Because I’m a less crazy (but not by much) version of Rebecca Bunch. I dated a brit for one summer back in 2009 and one year later moved to England from NJ because “England was calling me?” That’s some teenage bullshit right there! And the best part is, if you told me I was moving to England to chase some guy, I would have said NO NO NO (don’t be such girl, Becks) and sworn up and down I was doing it to “see the world” and “find myself” and wholeheartedly believed it, because…WE ALL EXPERIENCE NON-PATHOLOGICAL (or sometimes pathological) DELUSIONS AT SOME POINT!!

I mean, if you don’t believe me, just look at the current political climate. From the outside, it literally looks like half of America smoked some crack and voted for the queen from Snow White.

Ugh. Guys. Watch yourselves! Don’t hurt yourselves!



PS I met a dream-ghost on a train from Bristol to Brighton and she was cooler than Beyonce (and a real 70ish-year-old person who has a nose ring and wears Doc Martens)


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