Beyond Vietnam Part 2 or Why the White Man May Be the First Victim of the Patriarchy

Dear World,

I am a woman. I am a woman who has been a victim of the male gaze. I hate men. A lot of the best people in my life are men. I love men.

Dear World,

I’d like to offer a hypothesis. What if the “Patriarchy” is not a person but a societal construct? What if men that never hurt you are ones with the metacognitive awareness to acknowledge unsavory impulses. But not act on them. To never act on them. Who have the power.

We have that power. To never act on them. To be ourselves. We have the power not to be the Patriarchy. We have the power to be people.

To bow down to the Patriarchy is a choice for adults but not for children. Many children are forced into adulthood too early. They lift their chin up high and hold back tears for so long that they turn back into children. Some adults are children forever. Like Peter Pan. Or Donald Trump.

Please. Think and feel your impulses. You don’t need to act on them. You don’t need to hit her. With words. But I do need to scream.

Be kind. Be yourself.

Be a person.




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