I’m mad as hell and I can’t NOT WRITE ABOUT IT ANYMORE

Hello world,

What the fuck is going on? Today. Trump. is gonna be. PRESIDENT OF MY COUNTRY! What?! HOW?!

I’ve experienced ebbs and flows in regards to my thoughts and feelings towards Bernie and Hillary, but my deep disgust towards Donald Trump’s presidential campaign has never faltered. In fact it’s only grown. Whilst I wholeheartedly agree with the sentiment of “Not my President,” it strikes me as, well, potentially misguided. Trump will be my president from his inauguration until (hopefully) the following Monday, but potentially for the next 4 years, because I’m a US citizen. Fact. Trump is not my president to the same extent that Londoners aren’t Brexiting…it all sucks, but why live in Lala Land (still a great movie)? We can’t deny the shit staring us in the face as we walk down the sidewalk of life. We need to face the shit HEAD ON.

We can’t just hate the people that voted for Trump and whine about how stupid middle America is. The problem is bigger than that. More systemic. More insidious even. It’s not any one person’s fault. In the end, in my opinion, it’s contemporary (US) America’s fault. It’s contemporary (US) America’s fault that a man with a personality disorder has risen to president, because the disorder’s symptoms (low empathy, narcissism) are acceptable behaviors in people (especially white men) of power. Furthermore, it’s contemporary (US) America’s fault that being told you have a psychological disorder is so traumatic for some people that they aggressively deny it. It’s contemporary (US) America’s fault that people were angry enough with the status quo that they ignored the abusive CV of Donald, because they’d been fucked over so bad by capitalism and greed and racism and the patriarchy.

Thus, from today onwards, it’s our responsibility as citizens of the US and the world to change what contemporary America was by being better citizens. By being more active and strong and empathic and loving and real. By going out of our way to be our own person and to develop our own opinions. By going out of our way to be kinder to strangers, especially those less fortunate than ourselves.

Let’s fucking shake shit UP!


All my love,



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