On being a millenial, twenty-six-year-old: let’s change the narrative, mothercussers!



Dear world,

I think we can agree that living within a fixed perspective of seeing the world isn’t great…For example, those who have voted for Trump, and have chosen to remain faithful to his alternative reality (rather than taking a step back and acknowledging they’ve potentially shot themselves in the foot) are potentially in for a ruuuude awakening. I just read a tweet by a woman who legitimately BELIEVES Trump created the first universal health care system in the United States. Yes. I KNOW!

How the fuck is that possible, you ask? Cognitive fucking dissonance. That’s what. Cognitive dissonance is a well-known psychological phenomena, which pops up when two ideas (potentially unconscious) are dissonant/tense (e.g, “I love Trump!” and “Trump may start a third world war…and fuck up my health care”) and your mind does its utmost to create harmony, usually by altering one of the ideas. For example, “Trump may start a third world war and fuck up my health care!!” could turn into “Thank God! Trump is going to prevent a third world war! AND he created the first universal health care system, I guess!” Yep, our minds are that stupid sometimes.

Well, you may be wondering, “SHIT! If this cognitive whatever is at play, how the fuck are we going to survive this 30-second-leap to doomsday!” Well…we may not…I’m not a psychic so I can’t say we will survive this for certain, BUT, like the wonderful Maggie McDaris, I’m an optimist! So, I’m not going to assume the worst for the fun of it :0) Instead, I’m going to be positive, mindful and empathetic. Now, in my opinion, being mindful doesn’t only pertain to doing the dishes, coloring in a coloring book or eating a raisin. Mindfulness applies to EVERY INTERACTION WE HAVE WITH EVERYONE! What I mean is, if we stop, take a step back and proceed mindfully when we’re feeling a bit heated, maybe it will be easier to empathize with others (even with those who have a wildly different view of the world than our own).

Now, back to the title of this piece. An awesome friend recently said to me that being 26 from an astrological (I know, I know) perspective is akin to a “re-birth” or a RENAISSANCE! How fun and awesome is that? Meaning, instead of feeling bad about ourselves for being millennials, because baby-boomers and gen-xers keep telling us how selfish and fucked we are, why don’t we change the narrative!! Maybe a few of the older geners are genuinely jealous of our increased confidence and privilege? How about rather than feeling sorry for ourselves, which can lead to self-deprecation, anxiety and depression, we “keep it positive” and be proud of ourselves for making it this far into adulthood! That way, we’ll have more cognitive energy to generate change and ITMFA!!!


Love you all,




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