All I want for Valentine’s Day are…BOUNDARIES!

Happy Valentine’s Day, World!

Mmmmm…the sweet, sweet taste of a new boundary. Fresh from the oven! Thank you ever so much, you lovely valentine.

A few observations/reflections:

  • OBSERVATION: Not everyone who loves me has my best interests at heart. Unfortunately, they may not know that.
  • REFLECTION: I don’t always think about the other person when I send them a FB message or text message. That’s not OK.
  • OBSERVATION & REFLECTION: Calling someone over and over again from another room or on the phone is not always because there is an emergency. That’s not OK.
  • OBSERVATION: Reprimanding someone because they’re younger than you or not a white man…and not reflecting on your own behavior? Not OK.
  • OBSERVATION: Letting the political climate dictate your actions. Especially towards someone on a lower rung of the latter, professionally. Not OK.

I have A LOT of reasons to be enjoying my Valentine’s Day but that doesn’t mean I am. Why? I’m in the process of establishing boundaries and I haven’t quite gotten the hang of it yet.

If you’re reading this going, “BOUNDARIES? What ARE those?” or “Boundaries? I don’t need those silly old things.” Then, read up or grow up.

Happy Valentine’s Day!




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