Be PROUD of surviving abuse – A note for “A Day ‘Without’ Women”


Being victimized is hard and very fucked up. Think about the people that died or survived the holocaust.

Imagine surviving the holocaust and then needing to get on with your life like nothing happened, because no one gives you a handout (ESPECIALLY in the USA and other developing countries) unless you’re from privilege . Privilege is a very complicated turn-of-phrase, because it’s not only related to upbringing. It’s probably more dependent on birth.

Were you born male? Female? Or somewhere in between?

Were you born light-skinned? Dark-skinned? Or somewhere in between?

Were your parents rich? Poor? Or somewhere in between.

Were you born straight? gay? Or somewhere in between.

The weirdest thing about all of this is that even if you’re male, light-skinned, rich and straight, you could STILL be a victim of abuse.

By that logic, it’s possible that anyone could be victimized. So if YOU’VE been victimized, why be ashamed?

Why not be PROUD?

I’d rather be proud of who I am than scared.




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