If someone wants you to fail? fuck ’em (please, not literally)


I’ve been binging on Judd Apatow’s “Love” and towards the end of an episode entitled “Liberty Down,” I started tearing up and needing to immediately jump in the shower, because, yep, that’s my relationship and whilst it’s scary, I love every minute of it.

Being completely honest with someone is one of the scariest things I’ve ever done, because to be honest, I don’t trust the majority of people I meet. I was technically born in Manhattan, so, I  guess its not THAT surprising, but…I regularly think about WHY I do the random shit I do:

Well, I think freakishly recent history shows us that…most people don’t give a fuck if we live happily or die miserably, especially, if we have nothing to offer them. And by “nothing” I mean “no money.”

Despite growing up in an upper middle-class town, for a variety of reasons, my family didn’t seem to have much of it. I didn’t really know any differently so I didn’t mind. ESPECIALLY, because I had musical theatre in my life, which, in my eyes, is priceless :0) (thanks, Sondheim). I know that tickets are expensive, but I’ve experienced most of the shows I know via their Original Cast Recording and well, those are basically free at this point.

Ok, back to money:

One of my favorite podcasts, Around the Table, has at least two amazing episodes about money (one is their most recent episode and the other is an amazing conversation between Jaycee and her husband, which I love oh so much). Basically, money is the fucking worst. I wish everyday was the Sabbath so I don’t have to deal with it ever.

That being said, this isn’t La La Land. A girls gotsta eat them chocolate chip cookies, yo (man, I wish there were Girl Scout Cookies in the UK).

But, like, it’s boring as fuck.

Luckily, there are awesome budgeting apps out there and, if you’re super duper nerdy like me, you may even get a kick out of a beautifully organised excel spreadsheet with you and your partner’s shared spending.

Ok! Back to writing my thesis :0) Byeeeeeee



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