Rethinking Facebook. And “social media,” in general

I’ve been doing A LOT of thinking about Facebook, social medial, capitalism, death. You know, normal stuff.

Basically, I’m sorry Mark, but a lot of aspects of FB sucks ass.

Why do we even go on FB all the time?

Because, we are addicted.

OMG Molly, how did you come to this novel, genius conclusion?

Because there’s loads of research TELLING US. Also, because I’m tooooootally addicted myself.

I had trouble admitting this to myself, because it’s socially acceptable, like drinking (in the UK…and in the US).

The frustrating thing is that I grew up on FB (since I was 15). There were points in my life when I had 2,000+ friends on FB.  It was a type of social currency. A way to convey to others just how cool and totally awesome I am.


Fuck. that. shit.

I grew up on Musical Theatre. It was my first drug (and I’m neeeeever giving it up!) so I’ve always had “a flair for the dramatic.”

Thus, sharing my shit on FB was a great way for me to come across as the cool successful actress I always wanted to be. The thing is, aging doesn’t always coincide with growing up. You don’t just “grow out” of an addition, because you’re 26 and not 16.

Now, I’m not going to delete FB, because, that in itself is dramatic. Instead, I’ve deleted about 1/3 of my “Friends” over the last month.

And blocked a bunch of people too.

Now, in addition to posting less and giving less of my time over to Mark, I’m only sharing my life with the people that matter to me.

Dear Mark Zukerbeg,

Fuck you! 

PS “Social Media” is 100% based on psychological trickery. How do I know this? Because I know plenty of people in my cohort at school (I study Psychology) who started working in the “private sector.” Don’t get me wrong, making money is fantastic!

But, using your hard-earned degree to manipulate people into reading your content? Not so much.



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