Maybe real thinking is quite rare…

I’m in the process of writing up my doctoral thesis, which means I spend a lot of time drinking coffee and water, staring out the window, and most importantly, thinking.

Back when I was on campus loads, people would say I talked too fast, sent too many emails, talked too loud, or was too fierce & angry.

Well, maybe my problem was that I didn’t stop (pause) and think enough.

I think that’s a lot people’s problem actually.

I’m currently exploring/researching/whatever the relationship between perspective-taking and comprehension. Thus, I think a lot about what perspective a narrative is being told from.

….”Narratives” include the stories being spun by news outlets, family members, friends, songs, movies, books, fiction or nonfiction (and this blog post).

In my opinion, western society’s narrative is currently being told by angry, rich, white people. Mostly male, angry, rich white people.

Thus, unless you actively search for a different narrative, that’s the one you’re being exposed to! Especially if you live in the USA (my home-country).

Be aware. Be wary.





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