mini-Molly-&-Musicals post: What if non-men-people played those good good MT roles?

So…I’ve been a bit busy applying for jobs, prepping for teaching, and living liiiiife yo!

So…I’ve had time to do quite a bit of brainstorming for ye olde blog, but…not as much for writing.

BUT, I’d like to write a short post to wet your whistle for the week:

I wanna talk those good good roles in musicals that were originally written for dudes and subsequently played mostly by white dudes.

What about ME, Sondheim? Schwartz? Huh? YEA, STEPHENS! Waddup?!

So, here are some roles I want to play and that people of all genders/non-genders, races, sexualities etc. should be able to play:

  1. George from Sunday in the Park with George
  2. Pippin from Pippin
  3. Jonathan from Tick, Tick…Boom (miss you, Mr. Larson!)
  4. Hamilton (or Burr, I’m open, Lin. No worries) from Hamilton – exception to the white thing
  5. Usnavy from In The Heights – another exception to what I said about white people

There are probably more of these roles I wanna play, Stephens & Lin. Don’t worry, I’ve been waiting all my life to play these roles so I can wait a bit longer whilst you talk amongst yourselves.

Hehe, one day!!!!!




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