If we can still act like children, we can still learn important lessons from books, tv shows, and films

When I was 4 or 5, my grandmother (“Nanny”), asked me and my sister whether we wanted to stay children or become adults.  My sister (2 years older than me) said she wanted to become an adult, but I said I wanted to stay little. Laurie was given a big teddy bear and I was given a little one and I was PISSED OFF about it! Why can’t I have the BIG teddy?

From then on, I thought becoming an adult was the “better” option for me (hopefully someone would give me a bigger teddy bear for this decision). Well…

nothing that good has come from me wanting to be more adult-like. And

whilst I do think having the cognitive versatility of a typical adult (one whose frontal lobe is fully/close-to-fully developed) is helpful, being rigid like the archetypical “adult” can be super-duper debilitating.

it can even result in developing a personality disorder…